Print-CD Cover: Indica 
Print-CD Cover: Indica 

I'm excited to share the CD cover I created for Agitato's latest release. This is my second cover for the label, and I'm glad they liked my previous work for Space Monkey. Designing CD covers has become one of my favorite creative pursuits.

For this cover, I went with a pretty generic Trance vibe, using Maya to render a beautiful landscape and adding multiple layer overlays in Photoshop to create a mesmerizing Mandala. The result is a captivating and beautiful CD cover that perfectly complements Agitato's music.

Even though it's a pretty standard design, I put a lot of effort into it and I'm proud of the final result. It's proof that sometimes, even when playing it safe, you can still create something remarkable.

If you're a fan of Trance music or just appreciate great design, you should definitely check out Agitato's latest release and experience the music and artwork for yourself. The Mandala I created using Maya and Photoshop adds a unique touch to the standard Trance design.

In conclusion, I'm thrilled to have worked on this CD cover for Agitato's latest release. It's a beautiful example of how even when you're creating something pretty generic, you can still create something captivating with the right skills and techniques. Be sure to check it out!