Print-CD Cover: Trauma – TB-O-NOT-2B 
Print-CD Cover: Trauma – TB-O-NOT-2B 

I'm excited to share the CD cover I created for a band whose name made it a challenge to come up with a non-heavy metal design. The title of the release, "TB303," provided inspiration, and I decided to mix it with the name of the band.

The result was a TB in a trauma emergency room, which I hoped would convey a unique perspective. Looking back, I wonder if I should have added a glass table to ground the TB instead of it hanging mid-air. But the artist was thrilled with the cover, which made all the effort worth it.

I'm proud of the final design and the way it blends the title and band name into a visually compelling image. I hope that viewers appreciate the unique perspective and enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed creating this cover.

In conclusion, creating CD covers can be a fun challenge, especially when working with unique band names and titles. I'm pleased with how this cover turned out and hope that it captures the spirit of the music within.

Listen to Trauma TB-O-NOT-2B on Spotify.