Waves Tune – Working on a new plug-in from Waves
Waves Tune – Working on a new plug-in from Waves

A year and a half in the making, this is an awesome project that I was privileged to work on. Waves Tune is a Vocal Tuning Plug-in that is used for fixing out of tune singers or can be used as a modern vocal effect.

From Wave Tune Product Page:

The singer has just wrapped up an amazing take. The phrasing, the emotion, the delivery, it’s all there. But there are notes you’d like to change, and others that need to be fixed. You need perfect pitch transformation. You need precision realtime editing capabilities. You need Waves Tune. With full ReWire support, formant correction, and an extensive palette of pitch shaping tools, Waves Tune lets you do all your editing right there within your DAW environment - no need to export sections or work offline. Better sounding and more flexible than any other pitch correction processor, Waves Tune will get your vocals back on track.

In this project I became more acquainted with OpenGL and 3d graphics programming. There was allot of room to explore, so I could focus on making the interface smoother and cooler. There is a nice zooming effect I created and when the pages are moved the screen will slide into the point of view. You can see the zooming effect on this video: Waves Tune Video on YouTube Another cool aspect was using ReWire not for the audio capabilities but for the synchronization and ability to control your host application from within the plug-in's GUI. This Plug-in will be released soon and will support the following platforms: VST - Window and Mac OS X Audio Units - Mac OS X Pro-Tools/RTAS/Audio Suite - Window and Mac OS X MAS - Mac OS X

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